The 8th edition


This edition of Spring Coding Days was marked by the participation of the gifted and talented programming students, and it's aims to bring out the creative ideas of the participants , to assess their skills and to create a competitive atmosphere in order to develop their personal abilities. After the competiton , The students have attended a Presentation and Workshop in git ,gitlab and Docker by the softwar engineer Soufiane El foukahi.

The SCD competition is open for everyone : Students, employees ... You can all participate

The Spring Coding Days is a competition in computer development organized by computer science club at the school of technology in Essaouira (ESTE), Cadi Ayyad University. These last years, approximately one hundred students of different ages participated in this competition from different private and public higher education institutions (ENSA, EMI, EST, classes preparatoires, ISTA, ...) from all parts of Morocco.

The competition is divided into two phases (qualification and finale rounds ), participants are invited to present their projects.This compitition aims to improve the participant's entrepreneurial spirit and give a real chance to rise and to expresse itself in the digital and technological field.

This event will be the occasion to organize a seminar and workshops on entrepreneurship and innovation in the higher education, as well as to create a space for exchange between participants and the socio-economic world. The best projects selected at the final will receive prizes and will be supervised by professionals in order to help the participants to finalize and implement their entrepreneurship.

To participate, you have to present:

1- Video describing the project (Video duration 10 min):

Personnel presentation (name, age, profession, ...) (1 min)
Solution presentation (Objective, ...) (2 min)
Solution demonstration and perspectives (7 min)

2- Project executable and source code.

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